Maple & Cherry Boot Jack

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It used to be everyone kept a boot jack outside their door or in their mudroom. Having folks remove their shoes and boots at the door saved a lot of wear and tear on the floors not to mention sweeping and mopping time. A boot jack is a very simple but effective tool for removing shoes and boots without bending over and without getting your hands dirty.

Both functional and decorative, this boot jack removes nearly all sizes of shoes and boots with ease. Simply step on the base with one foot and wedge your other heel between the prongs and step out. We tested a number of jacks before coming up with this design. It combines elements of Shaker jacks, English equestrian jacks and an antique jack I found in a barn here in Maine.

I make these out of top grade Rock Maple with cherry accents. Each boot jack is hand sanded until it's as smooth as a pond at dawn, then sealed with several coats of a satin finish to protect your boot and to protect the jack itself from weather and abuse. A large hole below the heel of the jack allows you to hang it on the wall near the door. This boot jack makes a great gift, especially a housewarming gift.

The boot jack measures 5½" wide by 14" long. The opening at the tips of the prongs is just over 4" wide and 3" off the floor. I designed it to work for all sizes of boots and heels up to 3". It'll handle just about any shoe or boot size you've got... L.L. Bean boots, riding boots, Wellies, cowboy boots, you name it. If you have a boot with heels taller than 2½", let me know and I'll make yours taller to fit.

Make no mistake... This is a top quality, handmade Boot Jack that you will enjoy forever.