Natural Log Vase

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Our Natural Birch Log Vases are made from small trees that were cut and left behind by Maine loggers and road crews. These are actual sections of seasoned Birch logs as opposed to a vase wrapped with bark. If you'd like some other wood, just email us for availability.

Each piece of wood is selected for the integrity of its bark, straightness and character. Some will have small branch stubs like the two on the birch vase in the photo. Please be aware that these will not hold an entire bouquet, but they're ideal for a small handful of flowers or buds. The vase measures roughly 7" tall by 3½" in diameter and the plastic insert measures 1" in diameter and 6" long. The tube is easily removed for cleaning and filling. A felt pad on the bottom protects your table.

These vases will infuse any setting with a woodsy feel, every day or every holiday.

• Pick some wildflowers and a fern leaf to brighten your guestroom.
• Fill it with dried Bittersweet and scatter leaves around the base.
• Make a minimal statement with a branch or two of pussy willows.
• Arrange some Holly or Pine boughs around it for Christmas.
• Add a ribbon and roses for a gorgeous wedding centerpiece.

If you need a large quantity of these vases for an event, email us for special bulk pricing.