Natural Branch Hooks

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You can never have too many hooks. Rather than drive 35 miles to a hardware store, we started making hooks out of branches and twigs. It turns out we've come to like them better than store-bought hooks. They're easy on the eye, strong, and long enough to hold a leash, coat and a couple of hats all on one hook. I use them to hang just about everything:

  • hang pots & dishtowels in the kitchen
  • hang towels and robes in the bathroom
  • put some near the door for coats and hats
  • use two single ones to hang a fishing rod or a gun horizontally
  • hang the dog's leash out on the porch
  • use two single ones to store the garden hose
  • hang garden tools in the shed
  • hang life vests, clothes, swim masks etc. down at the dock

These hooks are strong, natural and beautiful. It goes without saying that they look great in a rustic setting, but they make a beautiful complement to modern decor as well.

We don't cut live trees to get these branch hooks. These are made from branches left behind by loggers. After selecting an appropriate branch, I strip the bark, season the wood and cut the back flat so it'll mount snugly against the wall. After a thorough sanding it gets several coats of polyurethane. Every hook comes pre-drilled with two mounting screws.

All of these branches will hang vertically as shown in the pictures above. Sometimes the hooks are angled in such a way that the branch can also be hung horizontally but I can't guarantee that unless you email me first. The single hooks are generally 6"-8" tall, the double hooks are 14"-16" tall and the triples are 20"-24" tall. If you'd like a double hook that's V-shaped, email me because I don't always have them.