Candle Snuffer with Vintage Spindle Handle

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We've created a rustic country styled candle snuffer using vintage wooden spindles that came from a textile mill in Maine. You have two styles to choose from: a fixed cup and a hinged cup. The fixed cup is best for candles where the burning wick is readily accessible like in a standalone candle or one in a candle stick. The advantage of the hinged cup is that you can also use it vertically to snuff a candle that's enclosed in a jar or a hurricane lamp.

These snuffers make a striking accent piece that you won't want to hide in a drawer. It's a practical gift for anyone who loves candles, history, or the beauty of 'experienced' wood with a story to tell. Couple this snuffer with a set of our Birch Candles or our Beach Stone Tealights and you've got a thoughtful housewarming or holiday gift that will be loved for many years.

Each snuffer measures approx. 15" in length. The wooden spindles vary in color ranging from light to dark brown. If you have a preference, just email us or leave a comment when placing your order. We don't use spindles that have been stained by the thread they doled out.