Birch Candle Holders

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Bring the spirit of the forest into your home with these candles made from natural birch logs. Sized to hold standard tealights, these make a safe and elegant accent in contemporary, traditional and rustic settings. Add an earthy, natural element to an old farmer's table, a formal dinner table or an ultramodern sofa table. They're also very popular as centerpieces at wedding receptions and corporate banquets because they can be given to guests when the event is over.

Each candle holder is unique and incorporates all the natural character you expect of natural wood. They're generally 2½" to 4" in diameter and come in 3", 5" and 8" heights (give or take). If you buy a set of three, they will be very similar because we'll cut them from the same log. The bottoms are covered with felt and each candle holder comes with three unscented white tealights. The tealights are a standard ½" tall, 1½" in diameter and will burn for about 2 hours.

We've been asked why we make these with tealight inserts instead of wrapping birch bark around a solid wax candle like those sold elsewhere. Three reasons. First, it's a matter of safety. A wax candle wrapped in birch bark poses a serious fire hazard. Second, our tealights self-extinguish after a time making them safer. Third, by using replaceable tea lights these candle stands will last forever. Just replace the tealights and they're good as new!

Some people prefer the look of clean bark while others prefer the natural rustic look. When you receive your birch candle holders they will be just the way they came from the woods. If you'd like to clean them up, download our guide, Care and Cleaning of Birch Bark.