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Woodpecker Door Knocker

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    With its flamboyant red crest crowning a large black and white body, the Pileated Woodpecker really stands out! And like the bird after which it is modeled, our Woodpecker Door Knocker will command attention as it announces the arrival of guests at your door. Pull the sturdy chain and the woodpecker pecks loudly on the log! One pull of the chain.. one knock on the log.

    I make these woodpeckers from solid maple for its strength and the crisp sound it makes. The woodpecker is very detailed and hand-painted to accurately reflect the natural bird's beauty. Mounted on a split birch log, it makes a great conversation piece and gift.

    The log base measures about 11" tall and the woodpecker is 8" tall. Because of its size you may want to mount your woodpecker next to your door rather than directly on it. Although we seal both the woodpecker and the log, they are not 100% waterproof. Mounting in a protected area or on a porch is recommended. The back of the log is fitted with two keyhole slots so you can mount it flat against the wall. Screws provided.

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      The best knocker ever made on Jan 25th 2018

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Woodpecker Door Knocker

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